Training with Gabriella


In your first session with Gabriella you will focus on an overall assessment of your experience, technique, and strengths as a performer – this assessment will provide insight into the direction your sessions together will take.

Together you will:

1.     Discuss your vision and what you hope to achieve.

2.     Share with Gabriella your background as a performer, prior training/educational history and any medical conditions you have that may be affecting your performance.

3.     Present the monologue you have chosen to explore in the session. Gabriella will assess your technique, relaxation, sensorial and emotional responses, physicality, script analysis, imagination and your ability to connect sensation to text.

4.     Gabriella will then provide feedback around what your strengths are and the direction your initial sessions will take.

5.     You will set clear goals, and realistic timeframes to help you reach your supreme potential.

All actors accepted will be asked to complete Gabriella’s Creative Immersion of ten private sessions focusing on the core techniques of the studio which are grounded in the works of Konstantin Stanislavski and Lee Strasberg. These ten sessions are designed to introduce both the experienced and inexperienced actor to The Method.

Whatever is discussed in your sessions will always be respected, supported and remain totally confidential.

Recommended Reading - Lee Strasberg's Notes by Lola Cohen


Weekly Classes

Professional scene study - by INVITATION Only

8 hours a week, 4 week term $425

Class time focuses on strengthening the actor’s inner concentration and awareness. Gabriella’s experience with Strasberg’s Theatre Institute and Actors Studio in New York informs this work and expands upon it through the development of her own technique.

The sensory exercises and relaxation technique developed by Strasberg are explored in conjunction with exercises which spark the actors imagination and encourage them to confront their habits. Each Actor will explore the application through a scene or monologue. Personal, thorough, supportive critique is given about each individual’s work.

Through Scene Study emphasis is placed on character behaviour, activities, inner monologue and emotional life. Exercises are used to help actors expand the imagination and fuel an understanding of human behaviour.

Actors explore the characters physical and emotional life while strengthening  relaxation and concentration. All scenes are explored for clarity of events, individual objectives, beats and actions.

Thursdays 6.30-10.30 and Saturdays 10.30-2.30pm (eight sessions with 32 contact hours in total)

“Acting is not about being someone different. It’s finding the similarity in what is apparently different, then finding myself in there.”

–Meryl Streep

All weekly acting classes and workshops focus on Method Acting and are grounded in the works of Konstantin Stanislavski and Lee Strasberg.

“Gabriella Rose-Carter is a creative force of nature! I’ve seen her in action as an actor, teacher, director, dramaturg and production manager executing each role with gusto and precision. Gabriella’s work is highly intuitive whereby the process becomes a one of discovery and excitement.”





Get in touch with Gabriella to see how you can work together!


Private Coaching

60 MINUTES $132.00 •10 PACK OF 60 MINUTES $1100 valid for 6 months

These one hour private sessions give the actor an opportunity to work on material that cannot be covered in a scene study class. They focus on story, personalisation and imagination.

Skype Private Coaching

60 MINUTES $132.00 •10 PACK OF 60 MINUTES $1100 valid for 6 months

These skype private sessions give the actor an opportunity to work with Gabriella while interstate, overseas or as a creative new parent wanting to stay connected.

These sessions give the actor the opportunity to practice detailed script analysis and find clarity with sensory choices. 

“Private lessons with Gab have enriched my experience of performing Cats in South Korea, not only in regards to my role, but staying mentally healthy and maintaining perspective whilst working in a foreign country.”