Performance Incubator

Developed by Gabriella Rose-Carter and Vocal Specialist Suzanne Heywood. Performance Incubator is a unique feature of actor training. It is a synthesis of their respective  areas of expertise with the training period culminating in a public performance. 

This experience enables an exploration of the work from two distinct perspectives and provides a framework for understanding how these complement each other .  The ultimate goal of any training is to enhance performance and the role of the Incubator is to provide the actor  with the opportunity to directly apply this training to performance.  

Gabrielle Rose-Carter brings a wealth of experience in sensory work (often referred to as The Method) from her training in NYC. Her focus is on combining sensation to text and developing the inner life of the character and forging truthful emotional connection . Suzanne’s focus is on text analysis , language and voice so together they embrace the why, what and how demonstrating that these two approaches absolutely complement each other in developing and realizing a character into performance.   

Previous Incubators have focused on the work of both contemporary and classical playwrights and have included Oscar Wilde, Ibsen, and Chekhov.

Embrace Shakespeare

The 2019 Incubator will focus on the work of Shakespeare. Actors will explore the language of Shakespeare learning to understand its’ structure and particular vocal demands. At the same time the monologue will be investigated using a diverse range of techniques which will address the physical, intellectual, psychological and emotional life of the character.

The program is designed to be delivered over a four week period with a total of 30 contact hours. These will consist of Wednesday nights from 6.30 till 10.30 and Saturdays from 10a.m till 5p.m for the first three weeks. The final week will be performance week with a total of five performances enabling the actors to substantially develop their performance skills as they are tested in front of an audience. Actors will be given feedback after each show with the opportunity to implement it as they develop a greater understanding of the actor/audience relationship

Applicants to the Incubator program are required to audition with a Shakespeare monologue of their choice. We ask that you choose a monologue that you wish to work on throughout the program and bring to performance. 

Scene Direction : Gabriella Rose-Carter.

Concept and Design Direction : Suzanne Heywood.

price- $620(includes gst)


WHEN- Wednesday 6.30pm-10.30pm and Saturdays 10.00am-5.00pm (6 sessions- 30 contact hours in total)

Please note: performances are not included in contact hours. They are in addition too.

“Gab is an astonishing, incredible and intuitive teacher who has inspired, excited and pushed me for the last three years. I have more tools in my toolbox, I bring more depth to my work and I, therefore, have a greater sense of confidence.”




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