Gabriella is one of those rare actors who can turn their hand to anything. She is not easy to categorize, which is actually a huge advantage. It means her range is limitless, as she is old enough, smart enough and brave enough to tackle anything, and she brings a wonderful complexity and richness to every character she plays.
— Noni hazlehurst

You are a living example of Lee’s work. I’ve loved seeing and working with you.
— Ellen Burstyn, The Actors Studio, New York

Melbourne has a long history of independent Theatre and Theatre makers and so the lineage continues in the guise of Q44. We as a community are fortunate to have Gabriella Rose-Carter, who instigated Q44, leading a fine team of creatives making innovative theatre for all of us to enjoy.
— Louise Siversen, Actress (House Husbands)

Gab is an astonishing, incredible and intuitive teacher who has inspired, excited and pushed me for the last three years. I have more tools in my toolbox, I bring more depth to my work and I, therefore, have a greater sense of confidence.
— Dana Miltins, The Rabble Theatre

Gabriella Rose-Carter is a creative force of nature! I’ve seen her in action as an actor, teacher, director, dramaturg and production manager executing each role with gusto and precision. Gabriella’s work is highly intuitive whereby the process becomes a one of discovery and excitement.
— Alex Tsitsopoulos, Actor (Neighbours, Underbelly)

Gabriella Rose Carter is everything one needs in an acting teacher: knowledgable, direct, brave, welcoming and open.
— Isabelle Davis, Student WAAPA

Private lessons with Gab have enriched my experience of performing Cats in South Korea, not only in regards to my role, but staying mentally healthy and maintaining perspective whilst working in a foreign country.
— Suzy Melloy, actress